Kristen Durance


Kristen DuranceKristen Durance joined Ross Strategic in 2006 after spending a few years in the field working with federal, state, and non-profit conservation agencies on habitat restoration and biological monitoring projects across Washington State. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2003 with degrees in Botany and Political Science and a focus on aquatic ecosystem restoration. Since joining Ross Strategic she has contributed her project management, communication, and research skills to salmon recovery and public health projects like the Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery Fund and the CDC Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. Kristen also supports project collaboration efforts on multiple projects as the firm’s SharePoint administrator.

Originally from Michigan, Kristen spends most of her spare time in the mountains around Seattle hiking, biking, or teaching downhill skiing. She also volunteers as a naturalist for the Seattle Parks department so if there is a good low tide she’s bound to be showing someone Moon Snails and Nudibranchs on a Puget Sound beach.